NBA 2K2はセガから発売されたドリームキャスト向けゲームソフト。価格は5800円。


As You can see this game had little changes from NBA 2K1 There are differences from Dreamcast and three next generation consoles PlayStation 2 Xbox and Nintendo GameCube. The Dreamcast version is similar to the previous game NBA 2K1. The PS2 version had a different version from Dreamcast. On the PlayStation 2 the intro featured ROC the Hip-Hop group on the intro where Hip-Hop soloist LUNATIC was featured on the Dreamcast version. On the Dreamcast version choosing a team on Exhibition they show ’Home’ and ’Away’ on the screen. The PlayStation 2 version did not show these on the screen. The loading screen on the game shows a little Background music showing the title and the basketball on the PS2 version but with the Dreamcast however the loading had it very similar to NBA 2K1 with the background music with a crowd cheering in the ending. The starting of the game with the Dreamcast version shows ’Today’s Game’ (like in the previous 2K games) whatever team you chose shows it there but with PS2 it not show this feature. The PS2 version only shows just the team and the logo. While playing Street courses (on PlayStation 2 version) shows a background music on the game while playing. On the Dreamcast version did not have BGM’s but have SFX sounds on the background. On PS2 version playing the practice mode shows a stadium like in ’Exhibition’ mode. But on the Dreamcast version have a practice basketball gym just like in the previous NBA 2K games.

nba 2k2 sega dreamcast sports edition black unboxing

introduction to game NBA2K2 for dreamcast

nba 2k2 intro dreamcast dc sega

Of Course This Mode Had Little Changes From 2K1

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A Tribute To NBA 2K NBA 2K1 & NBA 2K2 On The Great Dreamcast The Video Sequences The Videos In Order Starting At NBA 2K Then NBA 2K1 Then NBA 2K2 Enjoy!! NBA 2K NBA 2K1 NBA 2K2 Dreamcast Information: NBA 2K Release Date: November 10 1999 NBA 2K1 Release Date: November 1 2000 NBA 2K2 Release Date: October 24 2001 NBA 2K Gamespot Rating: 8.8 NBA 2K1 Gamespot Rating: 9.6 NBA 2K2 Gamespot Rating: 9.7 (Top Rated NBA Game Of All Time) NBA 2K Review: NBA 2K1 Review: NBA 2K2 Review:

NBA 2K Dreamcast Dynasty Tribute 2K1 2K2 Allen

0:36 a dunk 0:47 a alley oop 1:05 a dunk 2:06 a dunk 2:30 a dunk 3:40 a dunk plus a foul 7:27 a dunk 9:34 a dunk 10:03 a dunk 11:34 a dunk 12:52 a dunk 13:19 have to freeze frame it to see half time stats. This is one of my favorite video games of all time. To me it’s the best basketball game that has ever been created. I found out how to record Dreamcast games so I decided I would start it out with the game I enjoyed the most on the system. I’ll probably make a few videos of 2k2 football when I have time but right now playing a bit of 2k2 basketball.

Los Angeles Lakers Vs. memphisgrizzles Dreamcast

The NBA 2K2 intro video that plays before the title screen. This is the Sega Dreamcast’s version.

nba2k2 06

NBA 2K2 for Sega Dreamcast

nba 2k2 sega dreamcast touchdownbundy84

1:40 1 miss 1 block and I finally get the basket 2:09 a dunk 3:28 a dunk

Los Angeles Lakers Vs. memphisgrizzles of

Slo-mo ad of NBA 2K2 for PlayStation 2

Sega NBA PS2 XBOX Dreamcast

0:35 a dunk 1:11 Webber goes the lengh of the floor for the cram. 4:25 a dunk 5:18 alley oop dunk. 12:40 dunk plus the foul 8:15 a dunk 8:24 a dunk 8:37 a dunk 8:59 alley oop 9:55 blocked

vancouver Los Angeles Lakers Vs. memphisgrizzles NBA 2k2
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それはNBAのアレン・アイバーソンが表紙を飾る『NBA 2K2』というドリキャス のソフト。 こいつはプレミア価格(Dreamcast DIRECTでのみ販売したため)がついて いて中古相場で8000円以上する代物はず。 一瞬目を疑った。 ...