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【ドリームキャスト】Memories Off Complete/KID/恋愛アドベンチャー/2000年6月29日発売/6800円【ドリームキャスト】Memories Off Complete ドリコレ/KID/恋愛アドベンチャー/2002年10月31日発売/2800円『This may be the last time we can meet』 山本麻里安OP→sm3592943ゲームOPEDその1→mylist/8173552ゲームOPEDその2→mylist/8173553ゲームOPEDその3→mylist/8173560

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This is my Sonic collection not as good as some of the others on youtube but still not bad. As of 20th August 2010 this is my current Sonic collection that I have collected over the last 15 years. This is about 80% of what I own as I ran out of room displaying. Not on display are a some figures boxed and unboxed Alot of different Sonic clothing the old Sonic games starting from Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 to the Dreamcast Sonic games Lots of different Sonic books ie the where’s Sonic books The Sonic VHS tapes and about 200 Archie Sonic Comics. The ones on display are the fleetway ones (UK) Which I am trying to complete (only about 30 issues or so to finish off). I don’t know what I would say is my favourite piece but my first Sonic plush (the one sitting on the comics) holds the most memories. The most unusual thing is probably the bottle of Sonic after shave which I got about 10 years ago in a Spanish airport. One thing I wish I had more of is more Robotnik stuff but he is hard to get of. Enjoy. Sorry if the quality is not the best my camera is quite old.


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*This is my 3rd playthrough so expect some shortcuts =========== New Enemies =========== ------------------------------ William Birkin (form 1) ------------------------------ Weakpoints: -Head -Eyeball (on his arm) Recommended Weapons: -Handgun -SMG -Shotgun Comments: Ah the crazy scientist not really a boss I enjoy. The boss battle is put into three parts. Part 1: This portion of the battle involves Birkin swinging his bar like a madman you can interrupt him by shooting his arm (preferably the eye on it) while hes swinging. To my knowledge he has no other attack. Once you take off around a quarter of his health you move to the bridge where Birkin will try swinging at you again. Follow the same tactic as before. After you cross the bridge you move on to stage 2. Part 2: Youll climb onto a waste vat and Birkin will start smacking it with his bar causing the vat to shake. To stop him shoot his arm and you should stun him. After taking away a bit more of Birkins health youll drop down in front of him and hell start swinging at you again. You should get the drill by now. Eventually Birkin will grab you and thus starts stage 3 Part 3: Birkin will toss you over the railing of the bridge and then try to smack you off. Now before you can actually shoot his arm to stop him you have to destroy the railing first it goes off in like a hit or two. Anyways after stunning Birkin youll climb back up and he will once again try to swing his bar at you. Shoot his arm a couple more <b>...</b>

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*This is my 3rd playthrough so expect some shortcuts I decided to add commentary this time around via annotations. =========== New Enemies =========== ----------------------------------- Mr. X (aka. Trenchy T-103) ----------------------------------- Weakpoint: -Head Recommended Weapons: -Handgun Comments: The first tyrant in the game. At this point your encounters with him basically involve responding to dodge prompts and shooting his head when your cornered. During the portions in the game where your forced to fight Mr. X you just need to shoot at his head until he keels over otherwise he will just beat you nonstop. Eventually your path will be blocked by a flaming piece of rubble and you’ll have to stun Mr. X before extinguishing the fire by shooting the sprinkler. ------------ G Larvae ------------ Weakpoint: -None Recommended Weapons: -Knife -Handgun Comments: These guys usually attack in numbers but they’re not really a big threat considering you can just spam your knife to take them out. 1 hit is enough to kill one and I have never seen them accompanied by another type of enemy so if you just swing your knife like a madman you should be fine. ------------ G Mutant ------------ Weakpoint: -Head -Eye on his chest (to your right) Recommended Weapons: -Handgun -Shotgun -SMG Comments: The boss of this chapter. The fight is divided into two parts. Part 1: The mutant will start off by tossing a table at you this is a dodge prompt event. Afterwards hell slowly approach <b>...</b>

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Walkthrough Memories of Lost

(The whole video is not scans people I just use those for the title in case anyone is not watching the videos for that reason)Ok this is my second video made with game pictures!!! I made this in dedication to the fact that all of us are starting school and some people are freshman into high school this year. Don’t worry you guys you’ll be ok it isn’t that scary after a year or so ^_^ I hope everyone is enjoying these videos!!! The Games Used (Chronologically) Are: Comic Party 3LDK Tayutama Wonder Cradle DC Plus Really? Really! Memories Off 4 Gift Air Under The Moonlight Monochrome Dote Up A Cat Nursery Rhyme CrossWorld Izumo 2 Inakoi Princess Holiday Yami Kanon Mikomai Pure Pure Kao no Nai Tsuki Utawarerumono Memories Off 2 My Fair Angel Shuffle! Aikagi Da Capo

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============ New Enemies ============ --------- Crows --------- Weakpoint: -None Recommended Weapons: -Handgun -Knife Comments: Crows come in swarms and will try to peck your face off. Spamming knife is actually a viable way to handles these guys since they hover right in front of your face before attacking. Not much of a threat just hold A and swing your wiimote like a maniac. ===== Finale ===== This stage doesn’t really have a boss its actually just a horde of zombies right in front of the police station. Just treat them like you would any other group of zombies focus and aim for the head. ========== Generic Stuff ========== -------------- Boss Files -------------- In the game each enemy has a file in the archives that you get after killing one of them. However bosses are different in order to get their files you have to S rank the level you are fighting them in. Ranking is based on the following categories. Score: You can get bonuses for dealing headshots Clear Time: Kill things fast decide fast Enemies Killed: Kill everything you see Headshots: Only counts for zombies and only for instant kill headshots You need to get an S rank in every category to S rank the chapter. The requirements for each of them will vary from chapter to chapter for example chapters with no zombies will require 0 headshots for an S ranking in headshots.

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Walkthrough Memories of Lost

George Michael (March 24 1939 December 24 2009) George Michael Signs-off BROADCAST JOURNALISM COPYRIGHT NBC NEWS. (FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES) This tribute was edited to include special themes.

George Michael Signs-off NBC NEWS WRC-TV Doreen Gentzler

Do You Remember DC- Jonah ft. Courtney Ailynn Jonessa Justin Matt Jaz Produced by Jolo A couple of days after DC2010 i was inspired by all the facebook statuses about DC to write about it. it started off with just a simple poem then it turned into this HUGE project involving a couple of people from SOFLO. a week after DC SOFLO drove up to WEST PALM to record this song. the one thing i really wanted to stress when making this song is to ’Live DC daily not event to event’ that for those who went to continue to feed the fire that was lit that weekend. Miss the people not Discovery camp. i hope you like the song.. as for constructive criticism i’m open to it..just send me a message yea i know... Courtney KILLED me on this track lol she’s a BEAST LYRICS: [JONAH] 2 days 5 talks thats what im talking about Thank you to ONEFLO for coming out To the west side of sunny FLA Sacrificing a weekend to worship and pray Two oh 10 DISCOVERY CAMP Yea Dis-gon-be a Very fun camp Session 1 talk was given by Risha Roa Learned I have to look at the bigger picture Through the GODS eyes I know im amazing No need to satisfy anyones cravings Of changing my style my personality Cause in the mirror im the one facing me Next up to the mic were a couple of sharing Of a bro and sis that needed repairing Thanks to Ailynn and Ryan Navarro great start to DC 2 oh 1 oh. [chorus: Jonessa and Ailynn] there’s nothing left to say God is the only way by my side day and night everything will be okay <b>...</b>

Discovery Camp 2010 CFC CFC-Y Tampa Do You

메모리즈오프 DC 작업용BGM입니다.

메모리즈오프 DC 작업용BGM Memories Off

Captured Thursday March 19 2009 at 2:30am after the World Baseball Classic ’09 transmission :) This one’s a real rarity. Currently WSTE (Super Siete) is the only station remaining in Puerto Rico that signs off since the other stations stopped doing so approximately 7 years ago or so. However when they all used to closed down they used the very same sign off (or at least really similar). Even though this was captured on 2009 the sign off it self has at least more than 15 years of age. Should bring back memories to some people. As typical with every sign off we are treated to a small logo ident with a newer logo developed recently. The technical part of the sign-off however uses the Super Siete logo from 1987. After the technical information concludes the national anthems of Puerto Rico and the US are presented both recordings provided by the Puerto Rican National Guard. Normally the channels used to cut to a Test Pattern with either a tone or audio from an AM radio station but this one changes to a modern weather forecast (although a glitchy one). One loop of this is provided in this recording. The translated speech is as follows (SuperSiete=SuperSeven): You’re watching TeleIsla channel 7 WSTE Ponce/San Juan SuperSiete concludes it’s transmission for this day. We are SuperSiete WSTE-TV Ponce/San Juan Puerto Rico. SuperSiete is proud to serve the entire island of Puerto Rico. We operate on Channel 7 from four transmitters localized throughout the island <b>...</b>

TV Station Sign Off Puerto Rico WSTE supersiete
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Memories Offの番外編Memories Off Pureの攻略です。 攻略といっても、このゲームは 難易度は低く、 目指すエンディングに到達 ..... ドリームキャスト版Memories Off Complete・Windows版Memories Off・ Web版Memories Off BB・Memories Off Online i&J に ...
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恋愛アドベンチャー あの『Memories Off』に、新たな要素がいっぱいの完全版登場! ... 検索:. ゲーム >; テレビゲーム >; ドリームキャスト >; Memories Off Complete 攻略 レビュー 質問. 【お知らせ】東北地方太平洋沖地震の被害に対して、義援金を ...
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Memories Off Complete・中古ゲーム・中古・ドリームキャストソフト・T-19702M・2000/ 06/29・販売価格:360円・駿河屋で、販売中!豊富な品揃えで欲しかった作品が見つかる ! Memories Off Complete・中古ゲーム・中古・ドリームキャスト ...
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【中古】【20110506】ドリームキャストソフト Memories Off Complete【画】( 【中古 】【2011… .... 中古商品は、商品の状態についてお客様への確認が必要と判断した場合 には、商品発送前にご連絡させていただいており、お客様よりご承諾を戴いた後に発送 ...
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【中古】良品! サクラ大戦3 〜巴里は燃えているか〜ドリーム ... 【中古】ドリーム キャスト ... Memories Off Complete: ゲーム
掘り出し物満載! 中古ゲーム ストアと、 輸入版ゲーム ストアと、 廉価版ゲーム ストアがおすすめ◆◆◆ ... 詳細の表示. 対象商品: Memories Off Complete キッド Dreamcast. Memories Off 2nd 初回限定版 キッド Dreamcast ...